Fruit and vegetables
with guaranteed freshness.

Fruitservice offers a variety of fruit and vegetables. Thanks to our close cooperation with long-time suppliers and sophisticated logistics processes, the goods are always delivered harvest-fresh.

Our objective is the year-round supplying of the food retail industry. This is why Fruitservice procures its products from selected growers on 6 continents and in cultivation regions in more than 40 countries in the northern and southern hemisphere.

Comprehensive, transparently documented quality assurance through the whole supply chain ensures maximum freshness and product safety, which you can see and taste.


The range of fresh fruit comprises a wide variety of berries, citrus fruits, exotic fruits, pome fruits, melons, stone fruit, grapes, and others.


In our range you will find salads, various fruit vegetables and nourishing root vegetables: Aubergines, leafy vegetables, cucumbers, tuber vegetables, cabbages, peppers, tomatoes, courgettes, bulb vegetables, and others.